Thx! Argentne pears

Social impact brand Thx! continues to expand its product range, this time with the introduction of Bartlett pears from Argentina.

The pears are available to customers in North America in 2lb bags as well as in loose pack cases.

As always, the labels feature a worker from the farm where the product was grown, allowing the shopper to learn more about his or her dream by clicking on a printed QR code that links to a video.

“This is an exciting time for us”, said Martin Casanova, who co-founded Thx! with Raul Fernandez. “We believe the bagged pears will create another opportunity for an even more engaging experience for the shopper.”

Fernandez sais the label was set up to connect shoppers with farm workers as a way to create awareness of the positive impact of the produce industry in the communities where the products are grown.

“By creating this awareness we allow shoppers to be part of a virtuous cycle, where purchasing healthy good-for-you products, like our pears, also benefit those at the starting point of the supply chain,” he explained.

“Our labels and our embedded QR code will make this connection feel even more fluid and real”.