Asda citrus Apeel

Asda is set to begin a new programme in partnership with Apeel Sciences, marking the first time that the shelf-life extension specialist's technology has been used on a wide scale in the UK.

According to Asda, the programme will introduce citrus and avocados with plant-based protection to around 150 stores, in a bid to increase shelf-life and prevent food waste.

Apeel’s plant- based protection is made from the same materials found in peels, seeds & pulp and its aim is to slow down the spoiling process.

It works by sealing moisture in and keeping oxygen out so that quality and freshness can be maintained for longer, giving customers longer to enjoy their produce and thus helping to prevent food waste.

The food waste that Asda hopes to avoid in partnership with Apeel will help the supermarket move towards its target of cutting waste by 50 per cent by 2030.

“We are always looking for ways to improve the shelf-life of our products and make it easier for our customers to make more sustainable food choices whilst making their money go further,' said Asda senior director Dominic Edwards.

'We are really excited to be working with Apeel – bringing the great work they’ve been doing globally, to our UK customers,' he continued. 'During this programme, we will be learning more about the benefits of longer-lasting produce for our customers, and we are looking forward to seeing what further developments this could lead to in the future.”

“Asda is obsessed with helping their customers’ budgets stretch farther,' said Apeel CEO James Rogers. 'Now with the availability of longer-lasting produce, Asda has opened a new dimension of value for their shoppers.

'When shoppers have more time with their food, more of what they buy gets eaten instead of thrown away,' he added. 'How often does saving money help save the planet? It’s happening every day at Asda.”