State-of-the-art facility allows the development and evaluation of the effectiveness of product prototypes “in vivo”

Asfertglobal has created a Biotechnology Centre as part of its ongoing commitment to offer farmers innovative biotechnological solutions and promote more sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture.

Asfertglobal en Fruit Attraction

Asfertglobal presented the new centre at Fruit Attraction

The Portuguese company, which develops biofertilisation, biostimulation and bioprotection solutions, said Kiplant LightHouse is built with the most advanced technology and based on three fundamental pillars: nature, knowledge and technology.

Kiplant LightHouse is equipped with artificial intelligence and robotics systems that interact with nature and allow the development and evaluation of the effectiveness of product prototypes “in vivo”.

“With this biotechnology centre it is possible to obtain 3D models that integrate various parameters related to the development and physiology of plants, through digitisation and the use of Big Data for monitoring and data processing,” the company said.

“This innovative technology allows the most efficient and rigorous selection of the most effective products from an agronomic and sustainable point of view.”

The Portuguese company has stood out for its strong growth dynamics, as well as for its biotechnological research and development capacity that, in collaboration with the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon , will continue working to strengthen its catalogue of innovative and waste-free products.