Demand for fruits in the UAE has increased during the start of the holy month of Ramadan, with banana prices “hitting the ceiling”, according to Altaf Hussain Trading’s Mustafa Altaf

Mustafa Altaf of Dubai-based Altaf Hussain Trading Company revealed that the Gulf market was performing well at the moment, as demand for fruits picks up during the first part of Ramadan, when Muslims all over the world fast from dawn to dusk before breaking their fast at Iftar with dates, fresh fruits and drinks.

Bananas in UAE

“In the past week, we have seen huge demand for Navel oranges and bananas,” he told Fruitnet. The fruit is consumed both in the UAE and also re-exported to markets in the Gulf like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman.

According to Altaf, the result has been an increase in prices. “Banana prices hit the ceiling during the first few days of Ramadan due to extra heavy demand,” he said. “Onion prices are also at the highest level I have seen in my 22-year career in fresh produce. This is because of the export ban on Indian onions.”