BFV Marc Evrard

BFV's Marc Evrard

This topfruit campaign, Belgian cooperative BFV has a major promotional campaign planned for its Truval-branded pears, including in China, according to commercial director Marc Evrard.

Belgium represents 45 per cent of all imported pears in China, he said, and 95 per cent of those are Truval, supplied by BFV.

“The campaign is going to be Asia-wide, including in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore,” he explained. “There will also be a major focus on India for apple brand Jolyred. We will also see how our Morgana apple progresses. Tastings are off the board, but we are working on alternatives.”

Evrard is encouraged by the demand from different markets in Europe this season, as well as overseas. “There won’t be much coming in from South Africa,” he said, “as all the Forelles from the previous season will be sold. So we are entering a high demand market, without being hampered by old stocks.”

Given the unpredictability of the Covid-19 pandemic, Evrard revealed that the main target for BFV this season would be to consolidate sales on its various export markets.

“This will be quite ambitious, given the many challenges we’re facing,” he said. “Related to Covid-19, there might be some surprises on the way and we don’t know how different authorities are going to react. Also will labour be sufficient and available in a timely manner to get all the fruit harvest in?”