DE Dirk Salentin Biofruit

Biofruit managing director Dirk Salentin

German organic produce marketer Biofruit has unveiled a new brand identity and marketing campaign aimed at raising the company’s profile not just as a supplier of premium, organic fruit and vegetables but also as an expert in the fields of category management, merchandising and marketing.

Adopting the new slogan ‘Bio me. Bio perfekt inszeniert’ (‘Bio me. Perfectly produced organics), Biofruit intends to take the concept of organics beyond a simple appreciation of how the products themselves are grown.

“Organic is a philosophy,” commented Dirk Salentin, the company’s managing director, pointing to the network of producers and trading partners that Biofruit has been able to build up over the years, something which he said enabled it to ensure the best prices for growers as well as the best deals for customers.

Emphasising the care and attention paid all along the supply chain, the company’s new communication strategy has been deigned to reflect its commitment to monitoring the entire process of growing, packing, selling and delivering organic produce.

“That is why we can guarantee completely residue-free, healthy, delicate, aromatic and appealing products, as only nature can produce them,” Salentin added.

“We feel that our statements are well received, that we are different and that our themes can also lead to a rethink in the trade. We want to begin a process that will prioritise organic products even more.”