Company accounts for 80 per cent of Spanish citrus exports to the Asian country

Bollo Natural Fruit has fired the starting gun on its 2024 citrus campaign in China. The Valencia-based companies supplies the Chinese market year-round and accounts for 80 per cent of the Spanish citrus sold there.

Bollo China

Since first entering the Asian market six years ago, the company has also established a presence in South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and India.

“This expansion is part of our ‘glocalization’ strategy, through which we adapt our brand to the values of each region, tailoring our service and products to the local culture of each country. This includes offering products for specific holidays and celebrations, adaptation our marketing to the colour preferences of each culture and providing specific packaging demanded by the local market,” Bollo said.

In addition to citrus, Bollo was the first company to import Piel de Sapo melons to China, being the main producer worldwide and one of the best-known brands in this category. It also supplies other fruits to China, such as cherries, pears or blueberries.

Today, Bollo ships to 56 countries worldwide thanks, in part, to pioneering cold treatment technology for exports. Its Brazilian subsidiary, Bollo Brasil, was the first fruit company in that country to establish a stable commercial relationship with China.