Strong growth in branded organic apples signals healthy start to the New Year for CMI Orchards

CMI Orchards is reporting strong growth in US sales of branded organic apples. Nielsen scan data shows a notable sales increase for various branded apples in the 52 weeks to 12 December despite a 1.2 per cent fall in overall organic apple sales.

CMI Orchards organic apples

Danelle Huber, CMI’s senior marketing manager, commented: “Sweet and juicy organic Evercrisp is a standout performer, with a remarkable 401.8 per cent growth over the latest reported 52 weeks.

“Organic Cosmic Crisp grew by 344 per cent over the same period, carving out a significant chunk of the market as more shoppers enjoy this flavourful red apple. Other strong performers include organic Envy (+21.3 per cent), and organic SugarBee (+121.6 per cent).”

Many reports, Huber added, show a consistent upward trend in organic purchases among more health-conscious consumers willing to spend a little extra for a purchase they can feel good about.

“The younger demographic is a prime and growing target audience, as this subset of the population typically purchases the most organic produce,” said Huber. “We’re seeing this trend build momentum as these young shoppers are generally more concerned about product sustainability, including understanding the origins and production of their food; they’re often more health-minded, and ultimately will continue to spend on organic produce despite economic pressures.”

CMI produces a wide portfolio of organic apples, pears and cherries including Ambrosia Gold, Kiku, Kanzi. Fuji, Gala, Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Honeycrisp, Golden Delicious and Red Delicious apples; Bosc and D’Anjou pears and Red and Rainier cherries.

“As we welcome the new year, CMI Orchards remains dedicated to providing the best of the best for not only our customers but shoppers too with our delicious, sustainable organic apples,” said Huber.

“We’re not just fulfilling the needs of health-conscious consumers; we’re establishing the benchmark for a healthier, tastier future with every organic apple we cultivate.”