Sinaloa facility will also offer competitive packing services to local growers of other fruits and vegetables

Camposol has built its first blueberry packing plant in northern Sinaloa, Mexico, which will offer the service not only to the company but also to growers in the area who will be able to pack their products efficiently, at a competitive cost and with the highest speed.

Camposol Planta Mexico arandanos_inauguracion

José Andrés Renovales, Camposol’s country manager Mexico, commented: “The plant was initially designed to pack blueberries, but it can also be adapted to pack other fruits and vegetables such as mangoes, figs, pumpkins and others and provide pre-cooling services in state-of-the-art tunnels and storage rooms for finished products. Regarding Camposol, we will continue to ship our blueberries to the US in best conditions.”

Camposol said it will as volumes increase it hopes the facility will become one of the most important packing plants of northern Sinaloa.

The implementation of this project was supported by FrioPacking, LM Construcciones and architect Flavio Migliora.

Camposol recently announced that it had reached its goal of achieving year-round blueberry supply. The comapny is now servicing some retail customers in the US, Europe and China through 52 weeks of the year with berries from Peru and Mexico.

The main Peruvian season runs from August to November, with a second season from late January to April and reduced volume available during the rest of the year. Over the past years, the standard Biloxi variety has been increasingly replaced by Ventura and other varieties, including some from Driscoll’s which it grows exclusively.

Furthermore, Camposol says its multi-year breeding programme has successfully yielded some new proprietary premium varieties that are in their final trial stages and will come to the market in the forthcoming years to enhance its blueberry portfolio.

Much of the company’s future blueberry growth is set to come from Mexico. Camposol first moved into Mexican production three years ago to service the North American market. It currently has 50ha of farms in Sinaloa and is looking to expand further through third party growers by bringing their production to the market under the Camposol brand.