Fruit breeder extends Candy Snaps season with the introduction of a new table grape varietal IFG Forty-one

Candy Snaps

Candy Snaps

Bloom Fresh International, the company created by the merger SNFL Group and IFG, has announced a new addition to its Candy Snaps table grape line.

The newly patented table grape varietal, known as IFG Forty-one, will enhance the Candy Snaps experience by extending its availability in retail stores for several additional weeks during the early to mid-summer season.

Originally introduced as IFG Twenty-one in 2011, Candy Snaps is an early-season, strawberry-flavoured red grape. Bloom Fresh breeder Chris Owens said the driving force behind this innovation, reflects on the dedication and years of research that culminated in the creation of IFG Forty-one.

“Our journey to develop this new variety has been marked by unwavering dedication and a relentless pursuit of excellence. We are immensely proud to offer consumers an extended Candy Snaps season, thanks to the extraordinary capabilities of IFG Forty-one,” said Owens.

Jennifer Maguire, director of global licensing at Bloom Fresh said it was a significant development for table grape growers

“Candy Snaps grapes have long been cherished by consumers, but their availability has been limited by an early harvest window. With the introduction of IFG Forty-one, growers now have the opportunity to supply these delectable grapes under the Candy Snaps brand for an extended period of time,” said Maguire.

“This is a game-changer for our industry, offering both varietal popularity and more options for improved growing results.”