Chilean cherries Vietnam

The Chilean Cherry Committee has rolled out an inaugural marketing campaign in Vietnam to support the historic opening of the South East Asian market to fresh Chilean cherries from this season forward.

Chile secured official phytosanitary access last month, marking a new milestone in its diversification strategy.

The first consignment is expected to arrive in Vietnam in December off the back of another record Chilean cherry crop this season, which is estimated to be up by nearly 36 per cent, according to the committee’s initial forecasts.

Promotional activities got underway this month on 23 November in Hanoi and on 24 November in Ho Chi Minh City, where workshops were held via Zoom with the top 10 fruit importers and distributors in Vietnam to present an overview of the campaign.

Consumer promotions will run from December through to January, taking place at wholesale markets and retail supermarkets, as well as via social media together with the support of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) or ‘influencers’.

“Chile continues to expand its fruit export horizons in Asia, and in South East Asia in particular, where there are close to 600m consumers ready to consume high quality, imported fresh fruit,” said Asoex chairman Ronald Bown.

“As Chile’s cherry supply continues to grow, the opening of Vietnamese market marks another important milestone for our industry, and one we expect will become a key export destination for the future.

“To support the entry of this fruit to this market, we have developed a comprehensive promotional campaign that announces the availability of Chilean cherries across all market segments, with the intention of educating both buyers and consumers about our offer.”

Jaime Chomalí, the Ambassador of Chile to Vietnam, added: “Chile is proud and excited to unveil our inaugural cherry marketing campaign in Vietnam in support of the first exports this season, and in the build up to the local Lunar New Year celebration in February 2021.

“Vietnam presents a very interesting proposition for Chilean cherry exports, especially this season considering that the Covid-19 infection rate in Vietnam has stayed remarkably low. The market remains open across diverse sales channels, and we are looking forward to solid consumer demand for fresh, safe and healthy cherries from Chile.'

Charif Christian Carvajal, director of marketing for Europe and Asia at Asoex, commented: “To raise awareness of the first Chilean cherry arrivals on the wholesale market scene we will be distributing promotional merchandising, such as aprons, t-shirts and caps.

“At a supermarket level, we are working together with Vietnam’s leading retailers to roll-out point-of-sale promotions to help educate shoppers.

“Our social media influencers, meanwhile, will be posting recipe ideas, and explaining the characteristics of cherries in terms of their availability and their health benefits right through the Chilean cherry export season.”