Senasica publishes phytosanitary requirements for imports of mandarins, clementines and lemons

Mexico has access to imports of Chilean mandarins, clementines and lemons under an inspection system.

Clementines have been affected by the drought

The new rules were published after meetings held in Mexico at the beginning of March between the plant health authorities of both countries during a visit organised by Asoex to discuss bilateral trade.

Previously, citrus shipper had to be subjected to methyl bromide treatment, which affected quality and created a disincentive for exporters.

Asoex welcomed the move, claiming the opening of the market would be “very beneficial”, especially for easy peelers which represent 49 per cent of Chile’s citrus shipment volume, and oranges.

Last season Chile exported 268,583 tonnes of citrus to, ranking as the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest exporter. Of this amount, mandarins made up 33 per cent, clementines 16 per cent, lemons 21 per cent and oranges 30 per cent.