Citromax B

Citromax Group has announced that its production of organic lemons has passed the 100,000-tree mark and is approaching 110,000 trees, consolidating its standing as the largest organic lemon producer in the world.

Citromax’s organic lemon groves are located in the foothills of the Andes, where the company says the sub-tropical climate creates an ideal setting for the cultivation of premium organic lemons that feature outstanding flavour and high juice content.

The company’s three organic lemon groves – known as Rosa, Rincon and Victoria – are situated on more than 350ha. Rosa, which has been family owned and operated for more than 15 years, is the oldest and largest of Citromax’s organic groves.

“Citromax Group recognises the increased global demand for organic fruit products, so we continue to invest in our organic groves,” said Mariano Sangronis, commercial manager and head of fresh division.

“As the world’s largest organic lemon grower and processor, we now produce over 1,000 tonnes of high-quality organic lemon juice concentrate through sustainable production practices.”

Citromax Group was one of the first lemon growers worldwide to focus on offering organic products to the health and wellness market. In 2004, the company’s processing plant in Tucumán, Argentina was certified as an approved Organic Processing Facility.

The company’s organic product portfolio includes essential lemon oils, lemon juice concentrate, not-from-concentrate lemon juice and lemon pulp cells. Their organic folded lemon oils, lemon extracts, and flavours can be used in both 100 per cent organic products and NOP-compliant products and are used to support a growing market trend in the health and wellness segment.