Early ripening variety delivers consistent, uninterrupted production until the end of the season, consortium says

CIV Shayta

Italian Breeders’ Consortium CIV says its new strawberry variety Shayda CIVL519pbr is attracting a high level of interest from growers and exporters in Spain and Portugal.

According to commercial director Federico Stanzani, Shayda is a variety suitable for Mediterranean climates, distinguished by its early ripening and consistent production throughout the season.

“The fruits, bright red and with a regular conical shape, exhibit uniform and excellent size. Furthermore, its superior organoleptic qualities, with an aromatic flavour and remarkable shelf-life, combined with fruit uniformity, make it an ideal choice for export,” he said.

Despite adverse weather conditions, CIV said Shayda is delivering on the promise of consistent production already initiated during the Christmas week, continuing uninterrupted until the end of the season.

“From a technical standpoint, Shayda stands out for its semi-erect habit and compact structure, facilitating fruit harvesting. From an agronomic perspective, it requires more intensive mineral fertilization, especially at the beginning of the vegetative season,” the consortium said.

The CIV breeding programme has consistently focused on selecting strawberry varieties increasingly resilient to pathogens, and Shayda is said to show less susceptibility to leaf and root diseases.

“Our goal is to promote projects that add value along the entire supply chain, from farmer to distribution to the final consumer. CIV positions itself as a partner in varietal innovation, actively involving all major players in the fruit industry,” Stanzani said.