CMR Brasil

CMR Group has announced a raft of new measures across its companies within the framework of its Corporate Social Responsibility policy.
For several years, the group has been carrying out projects aimed at improving the social and economic environment in which it operates.

These include switching to a sustainable production model at its Brazilian subsidiary CMR Brasil, which focuses on improving soil health and biodiversity by reducing the use of agrochemicals and prioritising organic inputs, and introducing smart irrigation.

“The implementation of all these processes will lead to the cultivation of products that will require less use of post-harvest inputs, obtaining a healthier fruit with a more intense flavour,” the company said.

The company already has GlobalGAP and GRASP certification on its Brazilian farms, which produce melons marketed under the Cosarica brand.

“This marks the beginning of a new phase for the company as it works towards obtaining a Zero Waste product and complying with the commitments set out under the 2015 Paris protocol regarding greenhouse gases, the reduction of nitrogen fertilisers and carbon capture,” CMR said.

At the company’s Barcelona headquarters, meanwhile, it has just installed 1,500 solar energy panels to meet a good proportion of the electricity needs at its 28 coldstores, 23 ripening rooms and 1,000m2 of office space.