With the traviesa season peak underway, the US market can expect arrivals of more than 50 containers a week

Colombian Hass avocado exports to the US are projected to hit 50m lbs this year, an increase of 50 per cent on the 32m lbs shipped during 2023, according to the Colombian Avocado Board.

Colombian avocados

Colombia is currently at the peak of its traviesa season, which typically runs April through August. During its peak, the US market can expect arrivals of more than 50 containers a week of avocados from Colombia with the volume decreasing gradually over the course of the season.

The growth of the Colombia avocado market comes on the back of the continued expansion of avocado acreage in Colombia’s main growing regions and ongoing infrastructure investments. Today, more than a dozen state-of-the-art packing sheds and more than 400 growers are certified to ship Hass avocados to the US market.

Due to its tropical climate, Colombian avocados are available year-round. The country has two distinct harvest seasons – the main season, which runs from September to January, and the current Traviesa season.

Manuel Michel, executive director of the CAB, commented: “Colombia is at a crossroads of opportunity that is generating economic development and the Hass avocado sector is spearheading efforts in sustainability thanks to their rich agricultural heritage and commitment to maintaining biodiversity through environmental stewardship.

“CAB is excited to be part of the ongoing development and to support the avocado growers, exporters and importers as they invest in Colombia and leverage their logistical advantage to the East Coast”.