Cool Port II Kloosterboer Rotterdam

Kloosterboer will begin the construction of a new state-of-the-art fully automated multi-customer high-rise cold-storage facility at City Terminal Rotterdam this month, Cool Port II, which will have a storage capacity of 60,000 pallets and is expected to be finished by January of 2022.

Two years after the realisation of Kloosterboer Cool Port I, an ultra-modern fruit terminal that offers a combination of cool and cold storage capacity, Kloosterboer is now developing Cool Port II.

At the new warehouse facility, pallets will be brought in on self-unloading or conventional trucks and are then automatically taken from the shipping hall via conveyer belts, turntables and sluices to the cold-storage facility, where cranes will automatically place the pallets in their designed position.

The high-rise cold-storage warehouse is 35-45 per cent more energy efficient than a conventional cold-storage facility, with the 40m-tall building constructed in accordance with high BREEAM requirements.

Kloosterboer intends to install approximately 2,700 solar panels on the building's roof and, together with the existing solar panel installation at Cool Port I, which consists of 11,000 solar panels, this makes Kloosterboer one of the leading companies in the port of Rotterdam when it comes to generating solar power for in-house use.

The company said that the construction of Cool Port II still leaves it with 'ample space' for the next phase – Cool Port III.