Corpohass round table

CorpoHass has held the first ever national roundtable event for exporters of Hass avocados in Colombia.

The event, attended by the directors of 27 exporting companies who together make up more than 85 per cent of the country’s export volume, discussed the continued consolidation of Colombian Hass avocados on the international market.

Colombia exported 65,783 tonnes of Hass avocado with a value of US$150.7m, in the year to August, an increase of 47 per cent compared to the same period of 2020. The fruit now reaches 30 markets worldwide.

The event served as the backdrop for the presentation of the Mega País 2025 initiative, a scheme that seeks to lift CorpoHass’s foreign exchange earnings to US$400m.

Mega País 2025 sets out a number of strategies, including quality improvements; education and training programmes for all actors in the value chain, the implementation of a real time information system providing solid data for the industry, and participation in international promotional programmes.

A commission comprising eight representatives of exporting companies was set up to monitor progress on these strategies.