Oleh Naumenko BigBlue

Oleh Naumenko, BigBlue

One of Ukraine’s leading organic berry growers has urged fresh produce suppliers around the world to stop sending their products to Russia.

In a heartfelt video recorded from the front seat of his car on Thursday, Oleh Naumenko of Kyiv-based organic blueberry supplier BigBlue said Russia’s decision to invade his country was a “very aggressive” move that warranted a strong response from the international community.

“I am asking you to stop working with Russia, finish all business operations that you have right now with them,” he said. “Because Ukraine right now is the only one who stands for European Union freedom, and safety – economical and [personal].”

He added: “Right now, our people are struggling. So please help us and don’t forget about it, next time you send some berries to Russia or send some equipment to Russia. Think carefully before you [cooperate] with this country.”

Russia imported more than 100,000 tonnnes of fresh berries in 2020, according to data published by ITC.