Driscoll's rebrand

Driscoll’s is aiming to prove that berries are better consumed as a sharing experience by creating a one-of-a-kind experiential activation in the US in the form of a larger-than-life 3D picnic basket on wheels, that will be rolling through local communities and neighbourhoods.

It marks the next phase in the brand’s multifaceted #BerryTogether campaign, supporting Driscoll’s brand strategy to evolve a functional item from the produce aisle into something that inspires a strong emotional connection with happiness.

Driscoll’s noted that its long-term business objective was to continue building brand differentiation in what it called an otherwise commoditised agriculture industry.

“Brands are driving the double-digit +11.5 per cent dollar growth in the produce industry,' said Frances Dillard, director of marketing and global brand lead. “Driscoll’s has become a trusted consumer brand and according to the Nielsen Company, we are now the largest produce brand based on dollar sales. We continue to invest in our brand journey as our brand advocates inspire a consumer movement to share the berry joy.”

Introduced last year, Driscoll’s #BerryTogether campaign marked the brand’s first US communication strategy since unveiling its unified global visual identity system across North America, Europe, Australia and China.

To date, the campaign has garnered several industry awards, and key performance indicators prove the emotional messaging is resonating with consumers.

“Our goal in this next phase of #BerryTogether was to disrupt the marketplace with a unique and authentic experiential activation that brings together local communities,” explained Jamie Bassmann, brand manager. “Last year we announced the top ten berry loving cities and launched a pop-up 3D berry picnic art mural. This year, we’ve gone bigger and better with an extraordinary berry picnic basket on wheels.”