Driscolls mom campaign

Driscoll’s US employee-based community of mothers has created a special content series of shared stories, challenges, and tips for how to survive and even thrive during the widespread shelter-in-place resulting from Covid-19.

The content series launched on Driscoll’s Instagram community on Friday 3 April and each Friday, it highlights a Driscoll’s mum sharing her experiences in her own words and pictures.

The content series will culminate on Mother’s Day with a special montage of photos and quotes from Driscoll’s mothers and grandmothers on Driscoll’s Instagram account.

For thousands of mothers everywhere, the collapse of boundaries between work and home life because of Covid-19 has resulted in overwhelming feelings of loss of control.

The normal rhythms of life have been upended, including losing childcare, working from home with a household full of energy (a baby, young children, a spouse), and uncertainty about what the future weeks and months will hold.

“For Driscoll’s to be relevant in such a context for our millions of our consumers, we knew we needed to be authentic, candid, compassionate, and supportive,” said Diane Scalisi, Driscoll’s senior digital marketing manager. “It was time to strip away all the fancy aspirational stuff, and just be real. So we tapped into the experience of the mums within the Driscoll’s employee base to collect stories, challenges, tips, and photos of mums just trying to make it all work.”

“The response of our special content series on social media has been very positive and well received by our community,” said Ashley Enos, Driscoll’s digital marketing manager. “Our berry mums resonated with the shared stories and echoed that despite all the chaos and messiness, there is love and joy found in the sweet little wins of the day.”

During these challenging times, consumers are focused on the health and well-being of their families. Spending time together has become more meaningful but also more stressful.

Driscoll’s large social media community allows the brand a unique opportunity to provide helpful information that brings families comfort, develops comradery, and provides ideas for time at home.