Green bananas

Ethiopia has exported its first volumes of organic bananas, according to NewBusinessEthiopia, with the shipment of 40 tonnes to Saudi Arabia.

The report stated that an agreement had been made to export 200 tonnes of organic bananas to the Jeddah market each week.

The bananas are produced in the Arba Minch Zuria and Mirab Abaya districts, with over 11,400 farmers working on more than 3,100ha.

The Ethiopian Horticulture Development Agency (EHDA) is collaborating with the regional government and other concerned bodies for the successful achievement of the project.

The project is expected to have great economic benefits for the nation, increasing exports and generating more foreign currency, while creating employment and improving farmer security.?

There is currently very high demand for organic bananas in Europe and the Middle East, and the EHDA believes that Ethiopia's close geographical location can assist the country.

“EHDA is exerting the utmost effort with a view to enhancing the quality of organic bananas cultivated in the country and attracting many more customers from different parts of the world,” the agency said.

Last year, Ethiopia exported 93,000 tonnes of fruit and vegetables, generating some US$40m in value.