Fedemco joins with the German, French and Italian associations under Grow International banner


Fedemco, the Spanish Federation of Wooden Packaging and its Components, will exhibit with its German, French and Italian counterparts for the first time at next week’s Fruit Logistica under the banner of Grow International.

Founded in 1991, Grow International is a lobby group representing 200 companies with a combined estimated turnover of €500m. Fedemco has held the presidency of the group for the past two years.

On Thursday, 8 February at 3pm, Fedemco’s Salvador Cervera will give a presentation as part of the Fresh Produce Forum (Hall 23 - E03) explaining what the new regulations mean and how they will impact the trade. This will be followed by a Q&A session and cocktail for journalists who have confirmed their attendance in advance.

“The debate on the future of packaging is taking place at European level. That is why it is essential that we stand together. The decisions that are taken in Brussels affect us all,” said Fedemco’s president, Enrique Soler.

The EU’s proposed new packaging and packaging waste standard – better known by its acronym PPWR – was adopted in October 2023 and is currently in its amendment phase. It aims to boost the circular economy, reduce waste and improve recycling.

Under PPWR, all European companies will have to reduce their waste rates to 15 per cent by 2040 and ensure full recyclability of packaging by 2030, among other issues.

“With the new regulation, manufacturers have additional obligations in relation to packaging and its recycling. It is important that both they and the distribution chains that buy from them are aware of these implications,” Soler said.

“Fedemco and Grow International have been doing important work in this area for months. Here at Fruit Logistica, we will also be giving a presentation to which we are inviting the entire international fruit and vegetable sector.”