Fruitnet.com's partner publicationsFRESH PRODUCE JOURNAL, EUROFRUIT, ASIAFRUITandAMERICAFRUIThave teamed up to publish a series of special interviews to coincide with the FIFA World Cup, featuring a member of the fresh produce industry from each of the 32 nations involved in the tournament.

Today, it's Honduran Keny Molina of Agribolana against Monica Molineros of Ecuador's Favorita Fruit Company ahead of their national teams' Group E clash tomorrow (20 June):

What is your firm’s world-beating service or product?

Keny Molina:We truly believe Grupo Montelibano is a world-class title contender in the sustainable production of melons. We have been in the melon industry for more than 35 years and feel proud to sell our product in three different continents worldwide. While serving 36 countries, we have left an unprecedented footprint in terms of improving the shelf-life of melons. We not only deliver them to short transit destinations of three days transit, but also to distant destinations with transit times of 42 days.

Monica Molineros:Favorita provides world-class fruit grown to the most demanding standards in every field. We offer a wide range of packaging that meets the strictest criteria of different counties – practically tailor-made for each market.

What does the World Cup mean to people in your country?

KM:Soccer is the most popular and widely practiced sport in Honduras. People live with great passion the games of the Honduras national team. The country practically stops not only during the Honduras official and tournament games, but also after the games if the team achieves an important win.

MM:Ecuador’s most famous sport is football, so the World Cup is a very important event. As we have qualified for the finals, expectations are running high. The whole country will be watching the Ecuador games, for sure.

How do you think your national team will fare in Brazil?

KM:While our national team may not be a World Cup title contender, and we may not have much expectation of finishing top of our group, we nevertheless believe our national team will demonstrate courage and determination to win despite our own limitations when it comes to skill and having the resources to create better football players. It will not be an easy win for any of the teams in the group and we could potentially produce one of the surprises of the World Cup by advancing beyond the group stage.

MM:Ecuador has a very good team. We are well prepared and I’m sure WE will put in a very good performance. All the teams that are playing are very competitive, so we hope to see plenty of high-level football being played.