Freson de Palos

Fresón de Palos has become the first company in the Spanish soft fruit sector to obtain the AENOR’s Covid-19 action protocol certification.

The Huelva-based company, Europe’s biggest strawberry producer, said the move reinforces its extensive plan of preventative measures aimed at protecting the health of employees, farmers and suppliers, with the objective of guaranteeing food safety and ensuring the supply of its products throughout the season.

The AENOR Covid-19 seal is an external endorsement of the suitability and effectiveness of the measures applied by the company against coronavirus, which confirms that these initiatives comply with the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health, the National Institute of Safety and Health at Work amongst others.

The AENOR evaluation affirms a complete approach to the management of Fresón de Palos against the coronavirus, both in the established and applied protocols and in the training and information of all its personnel, as well as in the management of waste and organisational measures to minimise risks and preserve business continuity.

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