Yoom Syngenta FLIA 2020

Yoom from Syngenta won the gold prize at the 2020 Fruit Logistica Innovation Award

The nominees have been revealed for this year's Fruit Logistica Innovation Award 2022 (FLIA), the annual prize given in recognition of the most interesting and innovative products, services, technology and technical systems in the global fresh produce business.

Chosen by an expert jury from an initial long-list, the ten nominees will be presented in Berlin on 5-7 April to trade visitors, while also being visible to the more than 200,000 visitors to the Fruit Logistic website.

The winner of the FLIA 2022 will be chosen by visitors, who cast their vote for the best innovation of the year on the first two days of the exhibition in hall 20, stand A-12.

The final day of the exhibition will see the winner crowned at a special award ceremony in the transition foyer between halls 20/21.

Nominees for the FLIA 2022 are:

Amela Tomato – Granada La Palma, S.Coop.And (Spain)

The Amela tomato is an innovative variety developed in Japan. By reducing irrigation to a minimum, sugars and acids can be concentrated. Amela is distinguished by its high Brix values and high levels of nutrients and amino acids. These provide a fine balance of flavours. Available in sizes between 50g and 140g.

Amoresco – HM Clause SAS (France)

Certified compostable and environmentally friendly, solvent-free fruit and vegetable packaging which is made with water-based inks and adhesives. Using flexo technology, the water-based inks can be printed onto a wide variety of composite materials.

Colorit F1 Cucumber – Gavrish/Torgsem LLC (Russia)

This cucumber is a hybrid variety suitable for growing in greenhouses on all types of substrate. It grows to 19-21 cm long, 190-220g in weight and is light green in colour. It requires pollination by bees or bumblebees. In winter it can be grown without additional lighting.

Flying Autonomous Robots (FARs) – Tevel Advanced Technologies Ltd (Israel)

Flying autonomous robots, with full six degrees of freedom of orientation, can harvest many different fruits, thus reducing the need for manual picking. The robots’ ability to approach each fruit from an optimal position and angle is based on deep artificial intelligence and computer vision.These guarantee harvesting at an optimal stage of ripeness.

Genap Energy Cover – Genap B.V. (Netherlands)

The Genap Energy Cover is a unique combination of technologies. They not only form a floating cover for irrigation basins, offering protection against the formation of algae, but their integrated solar panels also generate energy in an environmentally friendly way.

iStem – Syngenta Seeds BV (Netherlands)

This unique variety of stem cauliflower can be perfectly portioned and eaten either raw or cooked whole. The stem grows to 13 cm and develops another smaller stem together with a number of leaves. The plant is very rich in fibre, and the stem is edible with a sweet, nutty taste.

Red Crush – Gautier Semences (France)

Red Crush is the first totally red lettuce which is intensely coloured from the outside to the heart. The Red Crush concept comes in several varieties: a Little Gem with deliciously crunchy leaves, a Mini Cos with delicate, fine red foliage and a slightly sugary taste, and a Multileaf with serrated leaves.

Schur Star Eat-Grow-Repeat Bag – Schur Star Systems GmbH (Germany)

Vertically oriented pea plants in an organic hemp substrate ’in the bag’. After separating the upper part of the bag, the bottom forms the pot for the plant. After the first harvest, the bag should be placed on a windowsill and given light, water, and a little love. Growth will continue with more peas to be picked - simple, healthy and delicious.

Sinclair EcoLabel HOME – Sinclair International Co. (UK)

Sinclair Ecolabel HOME is a first-generation, direct contact, food-safe compostable fruit label for high-speed, automated application. Paper based and plastic free, SEH is independently certified “OK compost HOME” (OKH-S0728) by TüV Austria. Available in different sizes.

Sunions – BASF Vegetable Seeds Business (Netherlands)

The Sunions variety offers consumers a new way to enjoy onions. They do not bring tears to the eyes when cut and have a mild, sweet taste. And these attributes are maintained even with prolonged storage. Available in nets from 350g to 750g.