Fulvio Berton

Fulvio Berton has been appointed as the new global strategy and business development lead and board advisor of Japan Vegetable Seeds (JVS), the joint venture established in 2018 between Nippon Norin Seed Co Ltd, Kurume Vegetable Breeding Co Ltd and Mitsui & Co Ltd, as the holding company of Top Seeds International.

With extensive professional experience in the agribusiness sector and numerous strategic appointments at an international level, Berton will use his expertise to 'promote further development strategy integration' between the companies making up the group and to identify potential new acquisitions.

“My collaboration with JVS dates back to before this appointment,” commented Fulvio Berton, who played a key role in carrying through the group’s acquisition of Top Seeds International.

At the same time, Berton has been appointed head of global marketing at Top Seeds International, the company specialising in research and marketing of innovative hybrid varieties of high-quality vegetables.

“The choice of Fulvio Berton for the strategic role of our head of global marketing fulfils various needs and fits in with the goals that our Group has set itself for the near future,” explained Gianni Bernadotto, CEO of Top Seeds International. “We believe his many years of experience in the agro-industry sector and in-depth knowledge of the field together with his undisputed human and professional qualities will prove extremely useful in addressing the challenges that await us at an international level.”

“I see these appointments as a further challenge,” added Berton. “The seed industry is a constantly evolving sector. While a lot has been achieved, there is still much to do, and to achieve success in this industry it is essential to define a medium to long-term strategy.”