Galilee Export bell pepper

Eco-crop protection specialists Save Foods has announced it will partner with Galilee Export to apply its post-harvest treatment to bell peppers and avocados.

The two Israel-based companies engaged in a series of successful trials which have culminated Galilee Export’s decision to treat 100 per cent of their bell peppers with Save Foods’ product, with avocados coming online shortly afterward.

Dror Eigerman, chief executive of Galilee Export and advisory board member of Save Foods, said the treatment would bring multiple benefits to the exporter.

“After several months of evaluating Save Foods’ treatment, my team and I are convinced of the benefits of these products. Not only do they reduce decay and prevent food waste, but they also improve the firmness of the peppers,” said Eigerman.

“These benefits will help us to offer our customers consistently high-quality produce with no chemical residues. We are excited to start working with Save Foods to extend our market reach to countries with stricter pesticide regulations and to treat other fruits and vegetables in the near future.”

Dan Sztybel, chief executive of Save Foods, said the company looked forward to adding more users as it continued its efforts to reduce food waste and ensure food safety.

“Our products address two of the major challenges of the food industry — food waste and loss reduction. Packhouses around the world are facing new challenges, such as keeping produce fresh throughout the — often long — transportation and distribution process, and maintaining quality and shelf life with significantly reduced pesticide levels,” said Sztybel.

“Many major packing houses are currently carrying out trials on our products. We are looking forward to working with Galilee Export and are confident that we will be adding more major cli-ents to our portfolio soon.”