New variety from AMFresh business has high internal and external coloration and a long post-harvest life

Genesis Fresh sees Onix as a breakthrough variety in the pigmented orange sector

Genesis Fresh sees Onix as a breakthrough variety in the pigmented orange sector

Genesis Fresh hopes to shake up the pigmented orange segment with the launch of Onix, a new variety discovered in Seville that combines high internal and external coloration, an extended post-harvest shelf-life, durability and an attractive size profile.

“Onix represents a breakthrough in the pigmented oranges segment, surpassing conventional varieties like Sanguinelli by 2-3 calibres,” said David Alba, CEO of Genesis Fresh. “What makes the Onix orange a highly attractive fruit is the combination of an incredible external and internal coloration with a refreshing flavour and delicate aroma that evokes the traditional Sanguinelli taste.”

According to the company, Onix is characterised by its attractive external colouring and high internal pigmentation, which can be achieved even in challenging conditions. And tests done by the Institute for Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology (IBMCP) in Valencia demonstrate that the orange is scientifically proven to contain high levels of anthocyanins at optimal ripeness.

“While Onix and Sanguinelli are comparable in organoleptic quality, Onix excels by achieving optimal size and external colouring earlier, enabling earlier harvest,” said Alba. “Moreover, Onix exhibits exceptional on- tree endurance and outstanding post-harvest life, extending its sales window to approximately 4-5 months in each hemisphere.”

Alba said the variety is ideal for markets across Asia, North America, and Europe thanks to its post-harvest life, durability, high coloration and firmness.

Patricia Sagarminaga, global director of marketing and communications at AMFresh, commented: “The Onix brand embodies innovation and quality, offering consumers a naturally branded fruit that is truly ‘out of this world, made in Spain.’

“The elegant, innovative branding and positioning of Onix within the citrus and fresh produce space have resonated with consumers across European markets, driving remarkable in-store sales performance as shoppers seek a sense of discovery amidst the ordinary.

“Furthermore, to experience the versatility of Onix, we invite shoppers to visit where AI-powered algorithms generate personalized recipes for desserts and cocktails, providing inspiration and solutions for curious shoppers.”

The variety has launched in major UK retailers including Tesco and M&S, as well as Spain’s Eroski and Germany’s Rewe and Kaufland. It is available as both a loose fruit retailing at £1 a piece (in the case of the UK) or packaged in 3 or 5-piece sets. Despite its limited availability this season, AMFresh said the response “has been nothing short of phenomenal”.