The Saudi Arabian company has gained GCC Authorised Economic Operator status, which it says marks the group’s dedication to the highest international standards

Global Star Group has announced that it has gained GCC Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certification from the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (Zatca), the main regulating authority in Saudi Arabia for customs and taxes.

The purpose of the certification is to facilitate import and export operations, expedite customs clearance procedures, and contribute to enhancing security and safety in the supply chain.

“This moment marks a significant milestone for us,” says the company’s director, Shahzad Zafar. “We’re leading the way by being the very first company in our domain to achieve this prestigious recognition from Zatca.”

Shahzad Zafar

Shahzad Zafar

Zatca provides certification services, enabling entities to obtain Zakat or tax certificates electronically, thus eliminating the need for a physical visit to the authority.

“The AEO status ensures faster customs clearances, reduced customs checks and priority handling, amplifying our commitment to operational excellence,” says Zafar. “This service forms part of the broader Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certification that Global Star Group has been awarded.”

According to Zafar, this certification plays an important role in reinforcing trust. “Achieving AEO status under Zatca’s strict criteria underlines our reputation as a trusted partner in global trade,” he says. “Our dedication to the highest international trade and supply chain standards is now solidified with this certification.

“As a proud Saudi entity, this certification from Zatca reflects our alignment with the nation’s evolving trade ambitions. We’re privileged to contribute to and be part of this exciting journey.”

The Zatca portal facilitates a range of services for taxpayers including registration, filing returns, payment of taxes, and access to related documents.

“The portal is a vital tool for ensuring compliance and facilitating interaction between taxpayers and the authority,” says Zafar. “There’s mention of Zatca issuing new requirements mandating all Reporting Financial Institutions in Saudi Arabia to file an audited Fatca (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) and CRS (Common Reporting Standard) certification of compliance annually. This indicates that Zatca plays a role in enforcing international financial reporting standards in the Kingdom.”

For Zafar, AEO certification represents an important recognition of the company’s adherence to international standards in trade, taxation and customs operations.

“This certification is likely to streamline customs processes, reduce customs checks and provide priority handling for the company, in alignment with Saudi Arabia’s evolving trade ambitions,” he concludes. “This achievement not only reinforces trust in Global Star Group’s operations but also showcases its commitment to operational excellence and its pioneering role in its domain.”