Sweet Sapphire grapes

The uniquely shaped Sweet Sapphire grape

US-based breeding group IFG has revealed that new price look-up (PLU) codes have been approved for its seedless table grapes.

These new PLU codes were assigned by the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) and the International Federation for Produce Standards (IFPS) on Tuesday 1 May.

IFG has six new PLU codes which are placed into two categories to 'capture the unique characteristics of its seedless IFG variety offering', allowing for maximum flexibility for the grower, marketer and retailer.

The first category is IFG Core (red, black, green) seedless grapes. Table grapes in this category have specific characteristics to meet international grower and market needs, which include key table grape qualities like improved size, texture, colouring, yield, lower growing costs or focus on early/late season timing. 'These grapes consistently perform and are recognised by consumers for their excellent eating characteristics,' IFG explained.

Core varieties include:

IFG Core Red Seedless Grape (349)

- Sweet Celebration
- Sweet Romance
- Jack’s Salute

IFG Core Black Seedless Grape (3497)

- Sweet Surrender
- Sweet Enchantment
- Sweet Secrets
- Sweet Surprise
- Sweet Favors
- Sweet Joy
- Sweet Magic
- Sweet Bond

IFG Core Green Seedless Grape (3498)

- Sweet Sunshine
- Sweet Globe
- Sugar Crisp

Meanwhile, IFG Novelty (red, black, green) seedless grapes includes varieties that were 'created to break the mould of table grapes known today'.

'They capture new flavours, textures, colours and shapes while at the same time delivering on the Core variety potential for more desired sizing, texture, colouring, yields, growing costs or harvest timing,' the group said. 'Unique and novel, these table grape varieties have the potential to inspire the category.'

Novelty varieties are:

IFG Novelty Red Seedless Grape (3499)

- Sweet Nectar
- Sweet Mayabelle
- Candy Hearts
- Candy Snaps
- Candy Drops

IFG Novelty Black Seedless Grape (3500)

- Sweet Sapphire
- Funny Fingers
- Candy Crunch
- Candy Dreams

IFG Novelty Green Seedless Grape (3501)

- Cotton Candy

Andy Higgins, IFG CEO, said that the company was thrilled to have the PLU codes assigned.

'Our varieties are performing well, and retailers and marketers are asking for them by name,' he said. 'These PLU codes provide another tool for marketers and retailers to uniquely position our varieties for maximum impact.

'Our groupings allow for clearer messaging and allow for varieties to be on the shelf correctly positioned and priced, year around,' Higgins added. 'We look at this as a win-win for all involved.”