Rugby IFG table grape variety

Quip IFG table grape variety

Kokomo IFG table grape variety

Julep IFG table grape variety

The new Julep variety

International Fruit Genetics (IFG) has announced the brand names and logos for six new table grape varieties.

The leading fruit breeder said Gracenote, Kokomo, Julep, Bebop, Quip and Rugby were bred to disrupt the produce industry and capture marketer interest and consumer taste buds.

IFG said it avoided typical grape-naming conventions that reflect seasons or colour, preferring to develop new names to capture the essence and flavour of these new varieties.

Andy Higgins, chief executive of IFG, said the names were just be the first step in capturing the attention of consumers.

“Consumers will be attracted by such unique names and once they taste these new grapes, they will come back for more just as they have with our previous grape varietals,” said Higgins.

“Consumers are searching for nutritious, high-quality grapes with excellent taste, and IFG’s breeding programme is designed to deliver what consumers want.

“IFG is pleased to announce the following new varieties which are currently being trialed in various parts of the world with IFG-licensed growers. Expect to find more of these invigorating new varieties as the seasons roll out in the various regions.”

Higgins said the new names are catchy, fun and memorable and reflecting IFG’s efforts to change the industry.

“We aim to inspire the consumer and give our growers, marketers, and retailers a platform to maximize the potential that each variety has to offer,” said Higgins.