Mountain Blue Orchards

Extraberries of Argentina and Gamorel of Uruguay have obtained licenses in their respective countries for the exclusive production and marketing of a selection of blueberry varieties developed by Australian nursery Mountain Blue Orchards (MBO), developer of the world-renowned Eureka.

With this agreement, the result of three years of research among both companies’ technicians, as well as negotiations with the various phytosanitary organisations of both countries, Extraberries and Gamorel are well placed to lead their countries in terms of innovation and quality.

The license obtained from Mountain Blue Orchards, the nursery owned by breeder Ridley Bell, continues Extraberries’ and Gamorel’s conversion to production using technology to improve nutrition and facilitate irrigation using hydroponics.

This conversion includes field management using covers and pots when environmental conditions demand it, in addition to having the most modern technology in the world to classify and pack blueberries.

'For us, this agreement continues our efforts to provide a better future for our fields and workers, moving towards the latest generation in plant genetics, and consolidating ourselves in extremely demanding markets like China, the US and Europe,' said Adolfo Storni, president of Extraberries and Gamorel.

Storni said that the aim of the companies was to become “a global blueberry business platform in the Southern Hemisphere in Argentina and Uruguay, through a unique business model based on innovation, genetic development, sustainability and the digitalisation of processes”.

Matías Notti, commercial manager at Extraberries and Gamorel, said that after contacting Ridley Bell and his team, negotiations began and ideas were exchanged.

“Many trips around the world followed as we pursued various alternatives that would allow us to import this plant material,” he said. “But patience was our best ally, and today we can celebrate this achievement, which puts us at the forefront of blueberry production in both Argentina and Uruguay.”

“We have spent a lot of time looking for the right partner in Argentina and Uruguay,” said Bell. “Today we are very pleased to have reached this exclusive license agreement to work with Extraberries and Gamorel.”

Both companies, he said, were “very committed to working with new varieties and searching for the best ways to improve their blueberry business globally”.

'We hope to continue working together to strengthen the development of this relationship,' he concluded.