MCI Star Cool containers ZIM

Maersk Container Industry (MCI) has said that it has established a strong relationship with one of its customers, ZIM Integrated Shipping Services, through an order of 500 Star Cool Integrated Reefers.

ZIM, which has been offering advanced transport of products including fruit and other frozen or refrigerated cargo to its customers for decades, has developed technologies to ensure that reefer container transportation is as secure, reliable, and efficient as possible.

The company's ZIMonitor system combines the latest technology with a comprehensive 24/7 response team, MCI reported.

'We are expanding our fleet of ZIMonitor containers to accommodate our customers’ growing demand for our exclusive ZIMonitor service, and we are sure MCI’s highly advanced and energy-efficient Star Cool Integrated reefers will be a great addition to our equipment fleet,' said Dan Bartal, container fleet manager at ZIM Integrated Shipping.

Star Cool technology has a strong track record with around 300,000 units in operation across more than 40 container lines, leasing companies and multinational fruit companies around the globe.

MCI said that more and more customers are turning to the technology not only for its proven performance and reliability but to also help meet their increasing sustainability objectives.

“Our Star Cool technology offers operators like ZIM the lowest total cost of ownership by combining reliability with lower operating costs, such as the most energy efficient reefer in the industry,” said Anders Holm, global head of sales and marketing at MCI. “We are pleased to see our product offering matching ZIM’s environmental ambitions so well.”

Production of the Star Cool Integrated Reefers ordered by ZIM will commence in May 2019.