Food companies in Barcelona’s wholesale market Mercabarna have assured the public that supplies will continue as normal as the coronavirus outbreak tightens its grip on the region.

In a move to allay growing fears that shelves would be left empty as supplies were disrupted, Assocome, the market’s trader association, issued a statement on Wednesday confirming that the supply of fresh foods like fruit and vegetables, fish and meat in the coming weeks is “absolutely guaranteed”.

Assocome president, Joan Llonch, said individual companies had taken the appropriate preventive measures to protect themselves from the virus.

“The arrival of fresh produce, across every segment of the food industry, has not been affected by the events of recent weeks,” he said.

The association brings together some 770 companies that operate in the area of ​​the food industry, of which 350 supply fresh foods including fruit and vegetables, fish and seafood and meat and poultry.