The US-based Mexican Hass Avocado Importers Association (MHAIA) has rolled-out one of its “most far-reaching marketing campaigns” since avocados from Mexico were first shipped to the US in a bid to help produce managers educate consumers about the “amazing versatility and nutritional benefits” of avocados.

“We want to maintain a strong movement between the traditional sales spikes during the Super Bowl and the Cinco de Mayo holiday,” explained newly appointed marketing director Jacqueline Bohmer in a press release.

Focusing on consumer education and usage expansion, the campaign comprises two sets of retail promotions from mid-February to mid-April under the Amazing Salads and The Ripe Pick Every Time banners.

The first promotion, Amazing Salads, will encourage consumers to enhance salads with nearly 20 vitamins and minerals by including Mexican avocados, while the second promotion, The Ripe Pick Every Time, will help retailers overcome their biggest barrier to avocado sales: educating shoppers about when the fruit is ripe.

Point-of-sale and shopper take-one pads will educate shoppers on how to select, handle, store and enjoy avocados from Mexico. A second component of the program will remind produce department employees how to receive, handle and merchandise avocados from Mexico through backroom posters and a brochure. Employees who score 100 on a brief quiz can win a US$100 in groceries, with 100 prizes to be awarded in total.