RSA Avocado

World leading avocado network, Mission Produce, has announced it will establish operations in South Africa in partnership with domestic agricultural company ZZ2 and sales platform and distribution network, Core Fruit.

In a press release, Mission Produce stated the partnership would create the most powerful trading platform for avocados produced in South Africa.

Mission produce’s marketing expertise will combine neatly with Core Fruit ZZ2’s knowledge on production, packing and ecosystem development in South Africa, along with its technical knowledge, resource base, local networks, nursery trees, packing facilities and association with Criterion Africa Partners who have access to significant land holdings. Core Fruit will manage the logistics of exports out of South Africa.

Steve Barnard, president and chief executive of Mission Produce, said the partnership demonstrates the company’s commitment to expanding globally and leading the avocado industry.

“These powerhouse companies are collaborating in South Africa to amplify state-of-the-art supply chain practices from field to fork,” said Barnard.

“Southern Africa is an ideal source because of the region's location, fruit quality and access to Europe and Asia.”

With operations already established in California, Mexico, Peru and Colombia, Mission Produce’s move into South Africa will enable the company to provide consistent, year-round supply to major global markets, further strengthening the brand as the world’s leading avocado supplier.

Mission South Africa will establish regional relationships that will enable South African growers to participate in the initiative. It’s expected the functional ecosystem created by this partnership will add value to growers and will assist to develop the full avocado potential of the region.

The company has also announced the appointment of Lindie Stroebel as in-country manager, who will support the growth in the country.

“We are excited for her to establish a presence and start building local connections,” said Mission Produce’s Vice President of Global Sourcing Keith Barnard.

Chief executive of ZZ2, Tommie Van Zyl, said the partnership between the three companies represented an exciting step forward for avocados produced in Africa.

“Given Mission Produce’s volition to establish a strong global brand, world class ripening technology and the ability to create and stimulate global demand for avocados, we have selected the ideal partner. We are looking forward to taking the avocado industry to the next level with Mission Produce by our side,” said Van Zyl.