BE BelOrta tomato packaging

Belgian cooperative BelOrta has announced that it is giving nine of its specialty tomatoes a brand-new look.

According to the company, the new packaging is based on a 'unified, highly recognisable premium concept with clean colours and contemporary drawings'.

The tomatoes that have been given a new look are: Sweet Lily, Papritom, Deliziano, Ministar, Sweet Bel, Cherrystar, Ruby Red, BelOCoeur (Coeur de Boeuf) and Scarlet Red.

'BelOrta has more than 50 tomato varieties in its range, including many specialties,' the cooperative stated. 'Many of these specialty tomatoes are available in their own packaging. We poured these packaging into a brand new and overarching concept. The result is a new line with a uniform, highly recognisable concept with clean colours and contemporary drawings.'

Since a large number of BelOrta growers produce their tomatoes under lighting, the group said it was able to offer most tomato products all year round.

'In addition, we note that excellent taste is clearly appreciated by the consumer,' the cooperative added. 'BelOrta therefore resolutely opts for varieties that excel in this area.'