Oppy Blue Goose plums

Oppy is welcoming the late-summer season with its Blue Goose prune plum brand, which it said had enjoyed a loyal fanbase for decades thanks to its consistently high quality.

According to the grower-distributor, the plums enjoy 'considerable fanfare' in specific metro regions, particularly in the Eastern US and Canada.

The plums offer consumers an enjoyable eating experience, Oppy noted, thanks to their sweet and luscious flavour with tangy undertones, and dense flesh with an easily removable pit.

Four sub-varieties of the fruit are packed under the Blue Goose brand including early Italian prune plums which begin the first week of August, late Italian prune plums which are expected by mid-August, as well as Empress and President plums that ship late August through to mid-September.

“Blue Goose prune plums are a familiar brand that has consistently delivered an excellent flavor and texture profile over the years, so consumers often look for them as a mark of quality,” Oppy’s sales manager Jon Bailey said. “The health benefits of the micro-nutrient rich prune plums, combined with their deliciously sweet flavour, means they have an enthusiastic following every summer and give retailers a welcome colour break from the usual products on display.”