French asparagus producer Prim’land has revealed plans to focus on packaging innovations this season in order to further sales.

In response to the economic situation, the company has elected to offer asparagus in smaller packs to make the vegetable more affordable, and it is also extending its use of P-plus plastic to improve quality.

“We are starting to pack our asparagus in 500g and 700g containers,” said the company’s Jean-Baptiste Pinel. “Due to the financial crisis and the high price of asparagus, consumers will appreciate smaller, cheaper packs.

“Last year, we used P-plus plastic, but not for all our asparagus. This year, it will be used for all our volumes. The plastic prevents outside elements interfering with the produce, so the asparagus stays fresh for longer. It is important for us to be able to satisfy our customers in this regard. Retailers will be able to keep the product for longer, which is good for stocks, and consumers will be able to enjoy the best possible taste, which will encourage repeat purchases.”

This season, thanks to new plantings that were undertaken three years ago and are now coming into production, Prim’land expects to produce approximately 600 tonnes of asparagus, up from last season’s 500 tonnes. The company’s target for the future is to have a production volume of around 1,000 tonnes, according to Mr Pinel.