Aranet Priva

Dutch technology firm Priva has formed an exclusive partnership with Aranet, a company offering industrial Internet of Things environmental monitoring solutions, in order to enable integrated wireless technology in greenhouses.

The collaboration has been driven by the growing interest in data and the rising demand for more and new sensors to generate that data, according to Priva, with the partnership set to bridge the gap between wireless sensor platforms and other data sources in greenhouses.

The integration of Aranet sensors with Priva systems apparently enables growers to analyse all their greenhouse processes and create new insights based on that data.

Patrick Dankers, product manager at Priva, commented: “I am really happy to announce this partnership. Now we can help growers from all over the world take advantage of all the opportunities that wireless technology can offer today. In the current way of working, growers spend too much time organising data and too little time analysing data. With this cooperation, we can solve this issue. That means a grower can really start to benefit from wireless technology and focus on new insights to optimise the daily operation.”

According to Aranet, the cooperation makes it possible to offer industry-leading wireless monitoring systems for the horticultural market.

Gints Antoms, sales director of Aranet IoT Solutions at SAF Tehnika JSC, added: “We at Aranet are very excited about the partnership with Priva because of the tremendous synergy potential made possible by complementary know-how from the parties. We are confident that extensive wireless competence of Aranet in combination with Priva’s in-depth knowledge of horticultural customer needs will ultimately result in a best-in-class wireless sensor offering towards the horticultural market, now and in the future.”

Through this partnership, Priva will be able to offer the market a complete solution: integrated controls and a one-stop-shop. Together, Priva and Aranet believe they can make environmental monitoring wireless.