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Having been closed for refurbishment since November 2010, the fruit and vegetable wholesale market of Ghardaïa Province, in northern central Algeria, is ready to reopen, according to El Watan.

The market's rehabilitation cost over €1m and included the expansion of its sales spaces, from a dozen to 52, the addition of 12 coldstorage rooms and 14 storage shops, better lighting and security, and new facilities to meet hygiene and food safety standards.

The idea behind this rehabilitation work is to enable the wholesale market to support the establishment of a network of markets in the region, organising and restructuring the supply chain for fruit and vegetables in Ghardaïa.

No less than 300 tonnes of fruit and vegetables, from north of Biskra, El Oued and Adrar, pass through the market every day, according to the department of trade and pricing.