Guatemala CCIPPP research centre

Latin America’s first agricultural innovation centre will be inaugurated in Guatemala today (Thursday 8 March) in a bid to promote sustainable production throughout the region.

Together with its technical partner, Priva, and the Private Sector Investment Programme (psi), Guatemalan fresh produce grower-exporter Agropecuaría Popoyán will unveil the brand-new centre in Santa Rosa.

The so-called Centre for Capacity, Innovation and Production Popoyán-Priva (CCIPPP) is the first of its kind in Latin America, according to investors.

Comprising 2.5ha of greenhouses, its mission is to adapt and develop new technologies for the greenhouse production of cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes and specialty crops in Latin America.

The goal is to improve productivity and, in turn, boost the competitiveness of small, medium and large growers across the region.

“CCIPPP will validate the best technologies for greenhouse production and adapt them for use in Latin America. We believe it will speed up the development of the region’s agricultural production,” Francisco Viteri, general manager of Popoyán tells Americafruit.

The project is designed to carry out the necessary research, innovation and validation for the fresh produce industry in order to pass on vital knowledge to growers and thereby enable them to optimise and increase their production.

Ultimately, the centre aims to drive sustainable and innovative production and is focused on bringing about a positive economic, environmental and social impact.

The full report is published in the February/March issue of Americafruit.

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