Partnership with DFI Retail Group marks latest chapter in the company’s international expansion

SanLucar-branded produce is now on sale in Singapore, marking the latest stage in the company’s international expansion.

Armin Rehberg, CEO of SanLucar

Armin Rehberg, CEO of SanLucar

As part of its strategy to open up to Asian markets, the company’s CEO, Armin Rehberg, accompanied by Bilal Issa, commercial director Middle & Far East, has gone into partnership with Asian grocery giant and Singapore’s biggest retailer, DFI Retail Group.

DFI includes chains such as Welcome, Market Place, Olivers and 3hreesixty in Hong Kong, along with 7eleven in China, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macau; Hero in Indonesia; ColdStorage, CS Fresh, and Giant in Singapore; as well as Sanmiu in Macau, and Lucky in Cambodia.

The framework agreement for this new cooperation has already been signed and the first product deliveries will be carried out this year. This is a further milestone in SanLucar’s ambitious plan for international development over the next five years, and a big step on the Asian continent.

“I am really impressed by DFI and the decision-makers there, from purchasing and marketing to warehousing and the stores,” Rehberg said. “As a global brand, our goal is to bring our SanLucar concept to the right markets and the right countries with the special added value of our premium quality. SanLucar and Asia are a perfect match.”

Rehberg emphasized that it is extremely important to SanLucar’s founder Stephan Rötzer and himself not to neglect their retailer customers in the home markets, which remain at the core of the company’s activities.

Founded in 1993 by Rötzer, SanLucar is headquartered in Valencia, Spain. It employs over 4,000 people in Germany, Austria, Benelux, Italy, Spain, Ecuador, Dubai, South Africa, Morocco, and Tunisia, both in its office branches and on its own farms.