SanLucar progress report

SanLucar has published its new Global Compact Progress Report, the annual document in which it reaffirms its commitment to the Global Compact and the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The publication shows how the corporate responsibility actions undertaken by SanLucar in the 2019/20 period have been shaped by the Covid crisis.

Owner and founder Stephan Rötzer said the global emergency had forced the company to reflect, restructure, and innovate at both the corporate and personal levels.

“Today more than ever, we have seen how important it is for everyone to work together, and to establish alliances between companies, NGOs, universities and educational institutions in order to successfully face the new challenges of the future and the pandemic,' he said.

'At SanLucar, our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, which extends along our entire value chain, has become even stronger”.

In particular, the company has focused on overcoming the gap that the pandemic opened up in children's access to education by promoting, through its corporate responsibility programme DREAMS, various school reinforcement projects indifferent countries.

These initiatives are addressed to children from low-income families, who have not been able to follow the virtual classes taught during the hardest months of the pandemic, due to lack of internet access.

Furthermore, as the report shows, SanLucar has worked to innovate in the development of more sustainable packaging for its products.

For the first time, the latest edition of the SanLucar Progress Report includes testimonials from employees, institutions, stakeholders, and partners in the various social and environmental projects promoted by the company.

The report also contains an exclusive interview, with the executive director of the Spanish Global Compact Network, Cristina Sánchez.

SanLucar has published its annual progress report since it signed the United Nations Global Compact in 2011.

For 2022, the company will publish its first Sustainability Report, which will merge its Non-Financial Statement and the Global Compact Progress Report.

SanLucar’s Progress Report 2019-2020 is available on the company’s website.