Sanifruit team

The Sanifruit team

SanLucar has signed a collaboration agreement with postharvest company Sanifruit to develop new solutions that extend the shelf-life of fruit in a more sustainable way.

The two companies said aligning their strategies and mission would help them to combat food waste, tackle CO2 emissions and advance the development of zero residue post-harvest treatments.

SanLucar added that the move represents a step further in its DREAMS corporate responsibility programme.

“At SanLucar we want to bring the freshest, most natural and tastiest fruit and vegetables to everyone, and we want to do it in a way that we can feel proud of it,” said Stephan Rötzer, the company’s owner and founder.

“In this sense, the Sabor philosophy in harmony with people and nature guides our activity throughout our entire value chain, from the farm to the end consumer's table.

Sania Mallén, SanLucar’s quality director, commented: “We are convinced that the collaboration with Sanifruit will allow us to continue combining tradition and innovation in the agricultural sector with success, and to advance significantly in R&D applied to the sustainable treatment of our products.”

The deal will focus on the use of current Sanifruit solutions and pave the way for new innovations in the future.