SanLucar Hackathon

SanLucar has taken part as a challenger company in the 2021 edition of the Hackathon Innova&Acción Business Challenge, held in Valencia, Spain on 24 and 25 September.

Through the contributions of professionals from different fields, the aim of this open innovation competition is to seek solutions to the business challenges faced by any company on a dailybasis.

This year’s edition Hackathon Innova&Acción brought together a hundred young talents, grouped into teams, who worked 24 hours non-stop to solve the business challenges posed by SanLucar, as well as the challenges of seven other companies that took part in the event.

With real-time connections from Madrid, Lima, Santiago de Chile and Valencia, SanLucar participated in the Hackathon with a multidisciplinary team made up of company specialists in key business areas such as production, marketing and packaging. The SanLucar grape experts played an important role in the team's work.

The team also had the external vision of Uvasdoce, a partner of the premium fruit and vegetable brand, as well as the support of members of the human resources department, who took advantage of the event to inform about the company’s career opportunities worldwide.

“To all the members of SanLucar who joined the Hackathon, my sincere thanks for the high level of involvement, for the excellent collaborative atmosphere created during the event, and for the enthusiasm shown at all time. It has been amazing to be part of this experience with you,” said Maria Plasencia, packaging innovation manager at SanLucar, who led the team of the fruit and vegetable multinational in the Hackathon.

“Congratulations also to the talent that accompanied us, as well as to the organisers of the Hackathon, Innova&Acción. We are frankly impressed with the level of the solutions offered.

Fernando Bañón, SanLucar’s production director, commented: “At SanLucar we practice open innovation every day and at all time. In this sense, participating in the Hackathon has been a unique opportunity for us to get closer to that out of the box thinking that contributes so much to the search for disruptive solutions to real business challenges.

“From the field to the point of sale, SanLucar is a company that covers the entire value chain of the agri-food sector. Therefore, we apply innovation in each of our processes.

“That means, from the development of new varieties; innovation in the distribution and logistics of a fresh product such as our fruit and vegetables; or the development of new proposals for more sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging.”