Canada’s Mucci Farms has opted for Sollum Technologies’ dynamic grow lights for strawberry trials at its Boemberry facility

Ontario-based greenhouse strawberry grower Mucci Farms has chosen Sollum’s dynamic LED grow light fixtures to conduct experimental lighting strategies at its 72-acre Boemberry location.

According to CEO Bert Mucci, the team at Mucci Farms is interested in learning more about the role that different light spectra play in various growth stages of berry development.

“No other technology can give us such control over the quality of our light like Sollum’s can,” he said. “The unparalleled precision, accuracy and flexibility of our new light fixtures will be determining factors in the success of our experiments.”

Boemberry facility, Mucci Farms

Sollum said its dynamic LED light fixtures provided “unmatched benefits” in terms of spectrum and intensity control.

“Clients have the freedom to apply an infinite number of light recipes derived from a growing recipe playbook or custom-designed with the help of Sollum experts,” the company stated. “These recipes can be changed seamlessly over time without the need for new fixtures, or mechanical or software adjustments. The light in the greenhouse will also automatically adjust to ambient light to ensure consistently accurate lighting conditions.”

Louis Brun, CEO of Sollum Technologies, commented: “The experiments are under way, and we are looking forward to see the results because strawberry cultivation is regarded as complex and, as a result, demanding. Thanks to our SUN as a Service platform monitoring and the expertise of our team of agronomists, technicians and engineers, Boem Berry Farms is benefiting from 24/7 support to ensure that all trials are successful.”