Janny MT

The Covid-19 crisis has plunged the world into an unprecedented situation, with lockdowns and closures leaving many fruit and vegetable businesses with a surfeit of produce, unable to sell it through their usual marketing channels.

The management of food supply chains is a key factor determining each country's ability to survive the crisis, and French controlled atmosphere specialist Janny MT sees long-term preservation as a crucial tool at this time.

“Long-term preservation in controlled atmosphere boxes might be a truly good solution to help many growers get through this difficult period,” said the company’s general manager, Benoit Janny. “By keeping fruits and vegetables fresh for much longer periods than a regular cold room, they make it possible to serenely store and keep crops marketable while awaiting the return of conditions that will allow them to be brought to market.”

According to Janny, the additional flexibility offered by such storage capabilities can bring relief at every step of the supply chain, from the grower to the retailer, leading to less waste in the field and during storage and maximising the freshness and nutritional qualities of the produce.

“At Janny MT, our raison d'être has always been to provide growers with solutions to help them reduce their losses and offer their customers fresh produce of the highest quality for longer,” said Janny. “Now that they need it more than ever, we stand ready to provide this assistance to growers. We have organised ourselves to be able to continue to meet their needs in spite of the situation.”

Now more than ever, according to the company, each harvested crate of fresh produce deserves to get the best value, and Janny MT believes its controlled atmosphere boxes provide that certainty in these uncertain times.