Company claims the platform can reduce shrink in apples by 51 per cent and improve quality and consumer experience five-fold

Strella, a freshness management company that builds technology to predict produce maturity, has announced the launch of its automated quality management (AQM) platform for retailers.

Strella Sensor

To date, the Seattle-based biotech firm has worked predominantly with apple and pear suppliers, using proprietary sensing technology to predict shelf-life and optimise inventory management. For nearly four years, the company has worked with the largest US apple and pear suppliers to make maturity-based inventory decisions. The technology has been used to monitor nearly 2bn pieces of fruit since 2019.

“There is a lack of data around produce quality that results in unnecessary shrink and worsened customer experience on the store shelf. We use shelf-life data to help retailers make better decisions in their supply chain,” said Strella CEO Katherine Sizov.

Strella said in work with US retailers its AQM platform reduced store shrink in apples by 51 per cent and improved quality and consumer experience by five times, resulting in millions of dollars in bottom and top line improvement.

“Our solution is easy to implement and requires no operational overhead or coatings to dramatically improve the most important element in produce – quality,” said COO Jay Jordan.

Strella’s AQM platform is currently available for apples, pears and bananas.